So why start this blog?

There are a lot of social media groups, forums and personal blogs about chronic illness. In my experience, few of them maintain a positive approach to life with chronic illness. Some try. Not many succeed.  And there are several reasons for this: acquired disability can bring with it depression and a sufferer feels helpless to control what’s happening to them and they become increasingly isolated and dependent.  Also often people who have experienced depression or mental health issues or anxiety and trauma develop chronic illness later in life.  It becomes hard to separate the physical health issues from the emotional consequences of them.   I’ve joined online groups looking for a safe, shared space to learn from others living with chronic illness, and to share my experiences.  But many of those groups I’ve left again because there can be lots of wallowing in self pity, or blaming others,  or resentment. The reality is we are ill, nobody is to blame for our pain and disability.  It’s not easy, in fact some days it feels impossible, but we have to find ways to deal with it.

My blog is an attempt to look at my chronic illness with a bit of positivity: there can be positive aspects to life with limitations. Even life with extreme limitations. And there can be humour too.  I’m learning every day about my limitations and want to share those experiences, the research I’ve done and actions I’ve taken that have helped me cope.  I want to share  an honest account of my journey and its ups and downs through medications like Low Dose Naltrexone and therapies like Mindfulness. Where I can I will share links to further reading about treatments and inspiring writers about life with chronic illnesses like ME and Fibromyalgia. This is not so much a how to as it is a where to – where to start your own research into positive ways forward. I hope this blog helps others to reflect and to feel more empowered to take control of their health, and to further research opportunities to improve their own journeys through chronic illness.

Please feel free to comment and ask questions as I post. I’m not a medical expert so will always speak only from my experience or point of view.  Nothing I blog about is to be considered medical advice. Please speak to your own doctor if you want to try a new treatment or protocol.

My next post will tell you more about me, my health conditions and how life has changed. And why I’ve chosen Bluescreen Reboot as my blog title.


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